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PM1 | Permanent Magnet Fuel Economizer for Car Engine
Permanent Magnet Fuel Economizer for Car Engine

Permanent Magnet Fuel Economizer for Car Engine

  • Item Number:PM1


When engine running, it cause iron power 1-30micron due to friction and abrasion, which damage your engine, that is important reason you need to repaire the engine from time to time.

Oil filter can filter iron power bigger than 13.6micron, smaller ones (appr. 40%) will go along with the engine oil to cause second time abrasion to your engine parts( ≥30% abrasion caused by this).

Our this Permanent Magnet filter device can help you eliminate the smaller iron power:

Eliminate up to 99% iron power

Reduce ≥30% engine abrasion

Prolong ≥30% engine use life

Reduce engine oil consumption casued by engine aging

Reduce power loss due to engine aging

Reduce ≥20% engine noise


Item size: 200*36*7mm

Weight: 286g

Fit: Engine oil filter with iron body!


1. Magnet adsorb the eninge iron power

2. Magnetize engine oil: 70% abrasion occur when engine start, the magnetized engine oil greatly help to reduce this damage.


1. Rare metal rubidium alloy magnetic steel, resistant to 200℃

2. magnetism indiffusion, no interference with other electonics

3. Super strong adsorption capacity, 10+ times stronger magnetism than comon magnet

4. Easy and fast installation, can be finished in 2 seconds

5. Resuable

Visible result:

After runing 5000+km, cut the filter without removing the magnet device, you will see iron power absorbed onto the inner filter body wall.